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Class 62 - 1961
Type 212 (which became class 62 in 1971) consisted of 136 diesel locomotives built between 1961 and 1966. This important fleet was NMBS/SNCB’s largest homogeneous series of locomotives. They were based on type 205, but were less powerful. They mainly hauled passenger trains on lines that were not yet electrified. The engine’s power was 1400 hp and the maximum speed was 120 km/h. This diesel locomotive was made by Brugeoise & Nivelles. 
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Mail railcar - 1967
At the beginning of the 1960s, the Belgian postal service wanted mail trains to provide a link between its main sorting centres located close to large train stations. It was decided to transform the old electric multiple units from 1935, which had been removed from service in 1964, into mail railcars. The livery became post office red. The interior design allowed sorting operations on-board while travelling (or at the platform, before leaving), and two-thirds of the available space was used to store mail bags.
These mail railcars were first brought into operation at the end of 1967. In 1984, on-board sorting was stopped and the trains were used solely to transport mail, until 2003 when mail was transported by road only.
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Class 20 - 1975
At the end of the 1960s, NMBS/SNCB decided to get powerful, multi-purpose locomotives and ordered a series of single-current electric locomotives with power of 5,150 kW (7,000 hp). These locomotives had thyristor-controlled electronic power regulation, a novelty at the time. These 25 locomotives were built in 1975-‘77 and they were directly employed on the Brussels - Luxembourg line. This line has a number of difficult features, particularly between Namur and Luxembourg, with a succession of ups and downs. The class 20 locomotives could haul a fast train with 17 coaches at 160 km/h on flat ground, or a 1,100-tonne freight train at 80 km/h on a winding and rugged stretch.
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