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Collection on the move

In Train World you can discover the world of the train. Or, a part of it anyway. Many of the collections are located in the museum depots. Items are regularly on loan for exhibitions or permanent displays in other museums and institutions. They can sometimes appear at surprising locations or return to their roots.
Additionally, a few vehicles are on long-term loan to recognised railway associations in our country, to be maintained, restored and displayed.

STAM (Stadsmuseum Gent)



   Board for train announcer                                                                                                 



   Board for train announcer


MoMuse (Molenbeek Museum)



Model of the Brussels-Allée Verte station                                                                                                        


BELvue Museum


Model of steam locomotive 12.001 with tender 24.001





Model of steam locomotive 'Le Belge' (The Belgian) with tender



Model of steam locomotive 158 from the National Vicinal Tramway Company (SNCV)



Model of steam locomotive Type 12 'Belpaire' without tender


Stoomtrein Dendermonde-Puurs



GCI carriage C 96556 (ex 14439)                                                                                                            


Chemin de fer à vapeur des trois vallées (CFV3V)



Luggage van for freight trains type Nord-Belge 30 88 943 2 549-4                                    



Tank locomotive 5620



Electric locomotive 101.012



Diesel railcar 608.05



Steam locomotive 1.002 with tender 38.134



Tank locomotive 16.042



Carriage for the royal children from the royal train 'Leopold III / Baudouin I' (Carriage No 4)



Inspection carriage No 10



Carriage 32303 (ex-Nord Belge)


Patrimoine Ferroviaire et Tourisme (PFT)



TEE carriage 151 (UIC 61 88 29-89 980-5)                                                                                   



Luggage van 46 88 957 2202-2



1870 hand-operated crane


Klingspoor, Sint-Gillis-Waas



   Industrial steam locomotive with vertical boiler No 2                                                             



Covered wagon 316 423


Port of Brussels


      Industrial steam locomotive No 4 'La Hestre'                                                                                                                 


Tank wagon 91563


Kazerne Dossin



Covered wagon GO 948/172                                                                                                              


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