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Green boxes

EMU Break - 1980
In 1980, NMBS/SNCB acquired a “New Generation” electric multiple units consisting of two coaches, with emphasis on improved comfort and better technical performances: speed of up to 160 km/h, accelerating power and fully automatic coupling.
To meet requirements that had arisen from newly electrified lines and also to develop several network lines to travel at up to 160 km/h, NMBS/SNCB ordered 140 of these railcars, wich were delivered from 1985.
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AM Desiro - 2011
In 2008, NMBS/SNCB ordered the Desiro electric multiple unit from Siemens AG. The 305 triple electric railcars, equipped with the latest safety systems, were planned with a view to the start-up of the RER, but also with a view to being used on conventional lines, mainly to serve the surrounding areas of large Belgian cities. The Desiro railcars have a lowered floor which makes it easier to get on and off and improves access for cyclists and people with reduced mobility. The interior has 32 first-class seats and 232 second-class seats.
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M7 - 2020
In 2015, Bombardier Transport and Alstom Transport signed a framework contract to supply NMBS/SNCB with a maximum of 1,362 type M7 double-decker coaches. These can be used as electric train units or can be hauled by locomotives in trains made up of M7 and M6 double-decker coaches. The electric multiple units, mainly used for InterCity traffic, can travel in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, as well as on Belgian high-speed lines. Their maximum speed is 200 km/h. The concept and the interior design is based on that of the M6 coaches. They have air-conditioning, a closed-loop toilet system and information screens. Some coaches have a bike area and a space for people with wheelchairs. 
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